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First Session : Job Hunters


The Characters are now fully trained in there various fields as adventurers however they lack the resources to as of yet strike out on there own.

Each player in various parts of town will notice glowing parchments attached to poles, tavern walls and in weapon shops about the city the Flyers read:

Wanted: spell component collector’s top pay for minimal effort!!!

at the bottom of the note is in hand written scrawl “Barnum banfrey, lakeside bazzar”

Dawn in Myth Drannor

*Introduction *
It is the spring of 1850 DR (100 years after the beginning of the 4e FR timeline).

The rebuilt City of Myth Drannor has repopulated and is now a flourishing metropolis, a melting pot of races, cultures, and creeds. The city is Ruled by an Aristocracy of Noble Eladrin Houses known as the Seldarianene. The Great institutions that once made Ancient Ythdrannor famous have been re-instituted, The New City is the home of the largest Bardic College, Acadamy of Arts, and School for Rangers in Eastern Faerun. A Noble Knighthood born from the generations of adventurers who fought to cleanse the ruins of evil, still persists. The New knights of Myth Drannor are a Knighthood by birthright or sponsorship who are sworn to protect the realm and it’s allies.

The city is a Living garden of Trees, buildings, monument’s, parks, plaza’s, and a network of flowing streams and brooks. Gone now completely are the ruins, ruble and hidden dangers that once plagued the region less than 200 years ago.

The Chief resources in the City are Finished goods, Crafts, Musical instruments, and the talented and resourcefull buisness owners of the city.

The city although still under Eladrin control has two Legislative branches, the House of Lords whom are the Noble houses of Eladrin, and the house of commons who are elected representatives of all races and professions from within the city.
The cities population at last census is estimated as: 75,896 registered Citizens

Eladrin Tel’quessir 35%
Elven Tel’Quessir 10%
Human Citizens 22%
Dragonborn citizens 3%
Drow Citizens (surface) 5%
Dwarf Citizens 5%
Tiefling Citizens 5%
Other Citizens 15%

Anually durring Springtide until Harvest tide festivals there are an additional 50-75,00 transients within the city.

  • Campaign House Rules Notes*

Character Races at the start of the campaign will be strictly limited to the Following:
Dragonborn, Dwarf (any), Drow (surface), Eladrin (silver or gold), Elf (any), Half-Elf, Human, Halfling (any), Half-Orc, Gnome, or Tiefling.

At Later Intervals in the Campaign Side Quests will be available for the party to optionally “unlock” more selectable races with future characters. Players will have the option of early retirement for heroes they wish to discard in exchange for a new race.
No Item transferrance will be possible.


All Players will select Background: Forgotten realms : Myth Drannor.
All players will have the Myth Drannor background ability bonus.

Players may choose pre-existing relationships with eachother or not, upon personal taste.

Character Creation
Players will use the Array method for selecting ability scores, no other method will be legal.
Players will begin play with 1 weapon or implement, non magical and a choice of clothing, or leather armor, with only 10 gold to spend. The reason for this is the First adventure hook leaves the Heroes looking for an odd job so they can buy gear.

Characters should be built with the 4e Character builder tool available at http://www.thepiratebay.org

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